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USS Perseus sent on a diplomatic mission
6-Nov-2013     TF42 News
The Perseus is sent on a diplomatic mission to Augaulis. There is to be a diplomatic conference between Federation Ambassadors and Representatives of the D'Jaini of the planet Augaulis.

Augaulis is only a few light years from Ferengi space and they have as recent as ten Terran years ago discovered Warp Flight. The D'Jaini are considering requesting to join either the Federation or the Ferengi Alliance. What's the catch? The D'Jaini are reported to be more ruthless traders than Ferengi. The crew should hold tight their gold pressed latinum.

Rear-Admiral Jason Rabb has been assigned once again as Mission Advisor, so there is speculation of a secret mission behind the mission.

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January 19, 2019
Simming Year: 2395



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