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Horizon Fleet Command Staff

Color Code:
Orange: Fleet Council Member
Maroon: Department Staff Member
Yellow: Non-Player Characters

Last Update:  February 23, 2014 13:10 Eastern Time
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NPC Fleet Command
Horizon Fleet Chief of Staff Admiral Admiral Olivia Tavez
Horizon Fleet Deputy Chief of Staff Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Jason Rabb
Personnel & Support
Academy Director Rear Admiral PENDING
emailacademy AT horizonfleet DOT net
  Academy Instructor Captain Captain Isabel Kersare
  Academy Instructor Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander Ean Gael
Personnel and Awards Director Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Kailani Livian
email dpa AT horizonfleet DOT net
  Community Coordinator Commander PENDING
emailcommunity AT dpa DOT horizonfleet DOT net
Fleet Operations
Task Force 22 Commanding Officer Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Erik Tsereteli
emailtf22 AT horizonfleet DOT net
Task Force 42 Commanding Officer Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Jordan Rabb
email tf42 AT horizonfleet DOT net
Research and Development Director Rear Admiral PENDING
email tech AT horizonfleet DOT net
  Information Services Coordinator PENDING PENDING
email isc AT tech DOT horizonfleet DOT net
  Fleet Story Arc Chairperson fs PENDING
email storyarc AT tech DOT horizonfleet DOT net
Legal Services
Judge Advocate-General Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Jon Carver
emailjag AT horizonfleet DOT net
  Deputy Judge Advocate-General Captain PENDING
emaildeputy AT jag DOT horizonfleet DOT net

January 19, 2019
Simming Year: 2395



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